Thursday, July 9, 2009

Part II

As long as the wind blows, summer climbing at Black is manageable. Oddly, by mid-afternoon yesterday we were looking for our hoodies as gusts of cool air threatened to rearrange the pads. Featured below is a look at an abbreviated sequence of the many starred Ghost Dog v8 that also earns a deserving fluttery heart due to the cruxy last lock and pop to the top at 20ft. Exhilarating! I was able to get these snaps off a rope set up to clean lines on the adjacent monster bowling pin block featured below. And the last image is of Pilo, sending a fine dihedral in style, one of the many high quality moderate climbs of the area.

Damo sessing the gently overhung Ghost Dog V8

A very technical lower sequence gets you to a rail with best holds (polished near full pad sloping edeges) on the climb 3/4 of the way up


FKA of 8 Ball in reference to the 8th pocket being the one to grab.

Pilo on the FKA of Flaming lips. Photo by D. Corso


  1. a little off topic, but do you guys have the ids for these?

  2. This blog is good!!!!! for me to poop on

  3. the 8-ball problem looks like Chas Wilson's - 30 to Life. Named because the line of pockets resembles the symbolic tattoo

  4. Good to know. I am sure most of the stuff here has been done, even if it appears otherwise. Do you know the names for the other lines in the immediate vicinity?