Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brush Brush Brush

This is what we do three days a week, every week until the snow comes. Brushing problems, climbing problems, writing it all down. The project continues! Hats off to everyone who's been coming out with us, getting on new things and confirming the grades.

We spent Sunday at the YMCA camp. At some point Ian became scarface - he claims a tree is the cause but I have reason to believe otherwise - and here is Ian Scarface getting ready to commit on Light as a Feather (V6).

Nick, being a Navy Seal and all, required TWO spotters when he climbs. The idea is that he would crush a single individual, and somehow doubling up is supposed to fix that. I don't understand it either. The lighting on this arete is cool though, and it has a sweet view of the creepy burned down camp. Name anyone? More photos to come as we process them...

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