Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Perfect Conditions

Yesterday, Nick and I ventured up to Black to see what lower elevation areas might be climbable. Basically the entire west side of the mountain is in perfect condition probably all the way up to the Boulder Basin. We were able to drive the unnamed and unmarked road up to the Republic, which was snow free, and climb all day around Twilight of the Idols at 6600'. 45 degrees, sunny, and patches of snow in shady spots made for perfect conditions to climb many unknown lines in this area.
Nick contemplating the sequence under Twilight of the Idols


  1. cool, wonder if all that got snowed in from rain yesterday through this morning though :/ .

  2. Forcast was for less than an inch accumulation. I am heading up Wednesday to find out, but I am sure that it is still quite good.