Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long Awaited Update that is Unquestionably Not Worth the Wait

We've been horribly negligent with this blog here. Chock it up to Ian's new job and Alan's dissertation. Things always come up, you all know.

So some news. The season started off at the Republic, and except for a few projects here and there, the area is fully developed. Below you can see an open palm full of power spot on the moss project.

We then started walking up to the Ok Corral since the gate is closed (more on this later). My god it's been beautiful up there in the clouds - fog makes the mountain into a magical wonderland of rock and stone. Although we don't know many of the names for the problems in the Corral (it's likely they simply don't have them), the guidebooking for the Corral is pretty much finished.

We added a new sit start to Morphic Resonance, somewhere around v11. Here's a photo, since to see this wall is to love this wall.

We also put up a v8 to the right of Morphic, starting on a sloper and traversing up and right into the Hueco Wall. We've called it Run Run Carmel, but there's a decent chance it's already been done. Anyone know?

Now it's time to move up the mountain. Word on the street is that the gate opens up tomorrow, but we'll have to confirm this over the weekend. Keeping in line with the title, that is all for now. We'll try hard not to shirk our obligations in the future.

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  1. I am goin up Sunday, prolly to the Republic. The Corral was rad up in that cloud last week.