Tuesday, April 20, 2010


[UPDATE]: Weather is looking bad tomorrow. Climbing is probably off for the day...boulder at your own risk!

Going out to the Republic again tomorrow for a half day of climbing. Anyone in the IE interested can meet us at Threshold in Riverside at noon. Otherwise, we'll be up there around 1:00.


  1. so uh ... where all the updates at? going back to the republic sunday, but would love to know names and proposed grades ... direction to problems other than the big slab, metamorphosis, moss problem, and twilight. is there even anything else up there? you guys send the line left of metamorphosis?? lastly, any idea when the gate is gonna open?

  2. hey all-i was up at ok and left a pair of rainbow sandals up the hill from morphic resonance at a low ball arete-If anyone finds them can you leave them under the climb-i will be up there after the gate opens-