Monday, September 13, 2010

Out of the Ok Corral

Some of the best climbing on the mountain is accessed from the Corral. Over the last few years we have climbed on a ton of new/rediscovered blocks largely to the west of the Corral at about the same elevation. A 30 minute trek west of the parking sits several clusters of monster boulders, most with flat, even sandy landings. There are several hundred climbs along this stretch of the mountain that are very worthy of inclusion to the guide. In the last three years I have never seen another climber out that way that was not with us that day, however, I know we are not the first to venture here. Subtle evidence of a broken flake, a scrubbed foothold, seasons old chalk lingering inside of a mossy undercling, serve as a rare reminder that others at some point were not afraid of a 30 minute walk to go bouldering. If you or anyone you know has some history about these outer lying boulders please shoot me an email. Thanks. Here are some samples of the rock to human scale.

Myself on a still undone and very committing project....

Jeff H. warming up on one of the best highball v4's anywhere.


  1. Sick indeed! Miss Black already. Get that guide finished so I can grab one when I get back stateside!

  2. Ahh looks scary!!
    I hope I have time for a visit this year!