Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Mountain Map

Since the gate second gate appears to be closed for the time being, here's a map of the road from the second gate (A) to the OK Corral (B) and Boulder Basin (C). Walking doesn't look like it would be too bad - 2.3 miles from the gate to the corral if you follow the road the whole way. But since the road takes all those curves, a crafty boulderer could probably cut this in half by cutting straight through.

What do you all think? How long is the treck? What are the best switchbacks to leave off? Is there a trail? We've been too lazy at the BMB, but this is going to change soon.


  1. i know of an entire different area with a few rad boulders, the dirt road should be open...

    joe mo

  2. Whenever you want to go Joe Mo just let me know!

  3. I think that if you cut out the first and second switchbacks by hiking straight for the "B" in Black Mountain Truck Trail on the google map, then follow the road up until about the "T" in Trail and cut up to avoid another lengthy switchback. I know the terrain is steep, but having walked sections of it, I think that I would take the steeps over the extra length. I would say 30-40 min at a good pace.