Friday, April 3, 2009

Black Mountain Weekend

BMB ambassadors Dom and Ryan are shooting for Boulder Basin this Saturday. The BMB has heard that the gate is open, but this hasn't been confirmed. Come one, come all, Black Mountain season begins!

New to Black Mountain? Need directions? Download the old Dr. Topo guide here.

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  1. confirmation: the gate IS unlocked at the moment. we were able to park and climb at OK Corrall.. and drive to the gate near boulder basin (casual ten minute walk in).. temps were very good.. very syked!! always.. with that being said: i called the ranger station yesterday and the lady told me the gate was not open.. maybe she was just misinformed. also, there was a back hoe and some bobcat machinery doing some work half way up the road. MAYBE the gate is only open right now, to allow for these workers to do their job for the next week or so and then it will close again until mid-may? probably not, but a possibility. regardless, definitely open today, the word is out, several cars drove up, although we were the only climbers..