Thursday, April 2, 2009

Black Mountain Renaissance

People have been climbing very challenging lines at Black Mountain for many decades now. That would be enough time for a large tree to grow up in front of a once classic line not to mention moss and lichen. Point being, for any claims on our part of development, it is implied that it could very well be, and in most cases is redevelopment. The mountain has undergone many eras of climbing leaving little trace behind outside of the Basin and OK proximity. The history may never get fully brought to light, but we will do our best.

Another Wednesday at the Republic has come and gone. Like most new boulders, once you begin to clean and climb, more lines appear. Five Peabody sized blocks have yielded over 30 independent lines not all of which have been completed yet ranging from ultra classic 30ft moderate slab to several double dig steep power problems. It is unusual for the rock on the mountain to allow for such concentrated climbing. Another few days spent here and we can put down our brushes and simply enjoy a fantastic circuit of rare diversity. Or not. With summer rapidly approaching and the bulk of our work being uphill, the days spent at 6000' will be numbered. Rumor has it the gates are open...

No luck yet on what might be the best line in the world...

Dom working out the moves on Forms.

Tim enjoying a morning lap on one of many heal hooking arete climbs at the Republic.


  1. That first pic, looks like "Oh, Shit." I think it was done about a year ago, but I'm not sure.

  2. If you have any info on this line please spill it. Who, when, where, etc. It is one of the best for sure.

  3. "Oh, shit"? really who did it? who was there? i ask because if they remember any beta, and would be down to share, id be psyched to hear it.