Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots of Boulders

Joe on Gimmi Some. This problem is amazing. Impossible until you do it, then easy as pie. Such a learned problem can't be found in the old gym. Kind of like Dark Horse in that regard - it's either done or not even close.

Joe once again, this time working the beginning of Morphic Resonance. What an amazing climb, and certainly hard for a v9! The moves on the sit start are possible, but a little to hard for the BMB this season. We need to get some of those kids up in here!

Every time we wander around the OK Corral, we're amazed at how many boulders there are. Lots of hiking, lots of scouting, lots of brushing. Hopefully we'll have a nice circuit of 50+ problems finished by the time the gate opens, all of them up hill and West of the established problems. If anyone's going up there before May 15 and wants directions, let us know! Otherwise, photos and problems will trickle in.


  1. Nice pics!! Alan, precisely who is the BMB? I'm confused. Also, that sentence should read: "...a little too hard..." rather than "...a little to hard..." Good thing Wolverine has editors! Ha! - Bee

  2. The BMB is primarily run by Alan and Ian, but there are others - Dom, Joe, Nick, Jay, Nic, Joel, Bridget, and everyone else who's been working with us - without whom the BMB wouldn't be what it is. It is a community of climbers dedicated to exploring Black Mountain. That's the BMB.

    And yes, editors are amazing. We wish there were editors for thoughts as well as words...

    Come on out one of these days!