Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BMW Roundup

This climb is a thing of beauty, without doubt one of the best in the country. The location, the movements, the romantic snowflakes that were falling during this send - everything about it demands your affection. Twilight of the Idols, perhaps v10ish we are thinking. But what do we know, get on it yourself!

Directions: From the Republic, continue up the dirt road until it ends, turning into a manzanita tunnel chopped through the brush. Follow this for about twenty minutes until the ground levels out and you return to the daylight. From the end of the tunnel, the obvious footprints and ducks trend forward and left for another ten minutes until you come across this beauty.

In other news, BMW was awesome once again. We had Joe and we had Joel and we had Alan and we had Nick and we had a little bit of another Joe. We could use more company though, so get work off next Wednesday everyone! Lots of brushing, lots of heartbreak, and a little bit of victory - that's what BMW is all about. Take a look:

Oh he wants it! Joel wants it so badly!

Nic on some cool boulders over by Twilight. He got scared and came down though, so don't think this is anything impressive.


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