Sunday, May 3, 2009

Below Loh's

After tromping around the mountain, solo, or with one or two other people for the majority of the spring, it was very nice to have a few extra heads, spots, and pads yesterday. We focused our efforts on the cluster of large, previously undocumented blocks below Morphic Res and Loh's Roof. There are five or so gigantic boulders of decent quality further down the gully that have some high ball potential as well as some steeper, not so tall angles. Has anybody scoped these out in the past? Above, Alan is attempting a ground up ascent, brush in hand, of an enormous but featured face, gained by bouldering through the steeper V6ish lower section. Below, Alex and the T brothers are trying to power through for a second ascent of Lobotomy V11ish located 10ft to the right of Loh's Roof.

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