Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meeting with Forest Service

Alan and Ian are meeting with a rep for the Forest Service Wednesday morning. We see it as a way to open up a dialogue with the Forest Service so that we can sort through issues before they become blown up with the publishing of the new guide. So far, we are planning on discussing.

1. Access: Is there any way to get those gates open earlier.

2. Trail Building: Is this a problem?

3. Parking in the Campground: What exactly are the rules?

4. What concerns does the Forest Service have?

What else? What questions do you all have? How should we approach these issues? Comment here and we'll post answers later this week.


  1. considering the road to the republic is mainly a logging road, is there going to be regular maintainance of it for those of use who as it is can only drive 3/4 of the way there?