Monday, May 18, 2009

December Boulders

Some images from the weekend...

Bridget sending Moondrops V7

Alex FA'ing the December Project (Name yet Alex?)

Joe on a little overhang right off the road on the way to Cracker Boy, dubbed Born Under Punches (V7ish) until determined otherwise.

Alex on the impeccable warm up face near the December boulders. We are referring to a little cluster of boulders between the Corral and Basin perched on the ridge below and north of Bang On as the December boulders. These blocks have most likely seen some action in years past, particularly the moderate faces, but the harder steep lines appeared untouched unfortunately, because it was a ton of work to clean them. Anyone curious about this little area of about 20 problems from V0-V10, with some classic midrange climbs, can access it via the left turn off of 4S01 (Black Mtn Truck Trail) onto the Boulder Basin Campground road. Park at the immediate turnout by the gate and walk up the road a few hundred yards until it curves right towards the campground. Here you cut left off the road as if you were going to walk cross country to the Corral through a wash and onto the ridge were the blocks sit at about the same elevation as the road. About a 10 minute approach. If anyone knows any history to this area please let us know so we can get accurate names and info. Thanks!

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  1. pics look ill... bummed i missed you guys... i was a bit confused, randomly saw the savage's car down low alone, and saw your truck near boulder basin alone, apparently i didnt hike far enough down hill before i started yelling your name.. lol.... ah well.. sweet pics... let me know your plans for this coming weekend when they materialize... ill be there for sure.. -dom