Thursday, May 7, 2009


Black Mountain Wednesdays are getting popular! Ten of us were at the summit yesterday, climbing around NRA, Bang On, and Cracker Boy. How did we get up there, with the gate closed and all? Easy, THE GATE IS OPEN! No more long hikes required.

Above you can see Alan on an unnamed v8 near Cracker Boy. What's going on there? A nasty mantle topout, that's what.

Below is Mike on a v2 warmup near NRA. There is a few boulders with a bunch of quality v0-v3, right through the cave from the main circuit. The summit is much cooler than the Corral or Boulder Basin, so check it out on those hot hot summer days.

And a question. Does anyone know about all those climbs near Bang On? There are a number of tall faces in the area, and I'm sure someone has climbed them, but who?


  1. Hey, that unnamed v8 has a name, but I have to get it from a friend that did it too (I can't remember it). Also, those tall faces around bang on, to my knowledge, haven't been done. I was working the one facing north, north of bang on. It faces the open area just down from the sharma overhang problem... never did it.


  2. It's all about your click, thats sick, and very

  3. JUST, givin ya all a hard time!!
    GREAT looking stuff!!!!!!!