Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Month, 1,000 Visits!

Today is a day of celebration! It appears as if the BMB is doing its job - getting word out about Black Mountain's unknown climbs and putting us in touch with the older generation of Black Mountain climbers who know more about this mountain than anyone. Hats off to everyone who's contacted us about putting up problems in the 80s and 90s! This mountain has such a history, it makes us proud to be contributing to it.

In the month since BMB conception we've had over 1,000 page views and nearly 400 unique visitors. We hope this keeps up!


  1. just a heads up, the second gate was unlocked today (sunday). dont know if it was the case yesterday. Brought some beginners up there today so we stuck to the standards at OK and then went up to campsites 4/5 and worked on some cool easy hueco problem east of the camp, next to a hard overhang that appeared to have hand polished holds... some other sit starts up there, and some other people climbing a decent face to the right of the vista point (the single bolted toprope face). Also noticed a climb on the side of the road going up to OK corral with a bunch of huecos on the side facing downhill. looked fun but we were on our way down when i noticed it. going up its past the 3rd paved switchback after the second gate. didnt appear to be climbed. check it!

  2. Hey Graham
    I always mean to hit that hueco face downhill from the road around the 4th switchback, but never have the gusto left at the end of the day on the way out. Across the road from there it looks like there could be a warm up circuit also. I am pretty sure most of the obvioius lines around sites 4/5 were done in the late 80's and early 90's.

  3. yeah the rock we were on by 4/5 had definately been climbed before...there was some chalk on the slightly overhanging backside that had some nice hard crimp problems. we cleaned some easy v0ish problems near there on the pancake stack looking rocks that hadnt been done, definately good beginner climbs to add to the circuit. Theres also one rock right next to camp 3 (i believe its camp three) that has some interesting unclimbed problems (as far as i can tell). i'll email some pics to you guys later today.