Friday, May 1, 2009


The weather isn't perfect, but we will persevere! OK Coral on Saturday, Republic on Sunday. We should have a large crowd both days, and as always, all are welcome.


  1. The reason the crowd is large is because of this website, the unadulterated spray, and the hope that one might get their picture in a guidebook. I remember back in the day when a crowd was a bad thing.....ya'll need to leave Black mtn. alone and go make another tram guide.........

  2. hmmmmm.
    unadulterated spray.
    sounds dramatic.
    that could be one thing to call this blog. i guess.
    or you could see it as two individuals choosing to share information regarding boulders to the public, free of charge. because they enjoy climbing, and want to share it, and not hide it from people, like selfish children.
    i guess Ian and Alan spending time to find areas, clean areas, build trails, and communicate with the forest service, all in an attempt to share information along the way---could be looked at as selfish and "a bad thing".
    and of course making the information public, and inviting willing climbers to come out and have a good time, while they spot and support you, pf course, thats pretty fucked up.
    Alan and Ian, you unadulterated sprayers, you. I had alot of fun today climbing, conversing, and hanging out with you, thanks for the information, the positive energy, and the spot/pads. But fuck you guys. You guys are so fucked up.. Never call me to climb again! But please please put me in the guide book, im going to get sooooo many girls.... cant wait!
    Dominic Palermo

    p.s. im sorry. that was just tooooo henious/ignorant/immature/illogical for me to ignore.

  3. annendum:

    i dont particularly enjoy climbing in crowds of people all the time. but.. black mountain has quite a bit of rock. no. it has ALOT. we dont need to be selfish and pretentious and pick and choose who gets to climb there.
    lets not be dramatic and antisocial.
    one aspect of climbing that is rewarding and enjoyable is the community of people it consists of. i have gained countless close supportive reliable friends through climbing.
    lets be cool, chill, postive people.

    Dominic Palermo
    err i mean "anonymous"
    if your making bold claims than stand behind them. talking shit on the internet is quite a funny thing.